Learning to Read

Our younger daughter is on the cusp of reading independently. She is able to sound out simple words and her sight word vocabulary is expanding by the day. However, she often grows impatient with the speed at which she can read. She’s used to the pace and flow of being read to out loud, but also desperately wants to be able to read more fluently on her own.


Usborne Very First Reading set by Usborne Publishing

When our older daughter was learning to read independently, I ran across this set of books at a local bookstore. The Usborne Very First Reading set consists of lively books with lots of illustrations that are designed for kids who are learning to read.  What made these a hit with her was the shared reading structure, where the adult reads the left-hand page and the child reads the right-hand page. The amount the child reads and the complexity of what is read increases with each book of the set. This creates success for the child while also keeping the story moving along. Our set came with a parents’ guide to help us use it successfully. These days our younger daughter is eager to read from the Usborne Very First Reading Set!


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