Sunny Books for Sunny Weather


Super Happy Party Bears books by Marcie Colleen

“Slide to the right. Hop to the left. Shimmy, shimmy, shake. Strike a pose.” If you recognize this dance sequence, I’m betting that your household has also been introduced to the Super Happy Party Bears! Both of our daughters have fallen in love with this group of optimistic, upbeat group of bears. The Super Happy Party Bears love to have fun, throw parties, and want to make friends with the other residents of the Grumpy Woods. As you may have guessed, all of their neighbors are grouchy by nature and resist the efforts of the Super Happy Party Bears to befriend them. The Super Happy Party Bears don’t let this deter them, interpreting every rejection as a positive reaction from their neighbors. They solve problems that arise in the Grumpy Woods through the power of their optimism and upbeat nature, and often with a party of some sort. Our older daughter scolded our normally sunny and bubbly younger daughter out of a pouty mood one morning by saying, “You need to have a positive attitude! Be like a Super Happy Party Bear!”


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