More Adventure Chapter Books for Early Readers: Dinosaur Cove

If you could travel through time, which time period would you visit? Personally, I’d like to travel forward to a time when interplanetary travel is widely available so that I could visit our neighbors in the solar system. At the other extreme, the answer for some is to prehistoric times in order to see live dinosaurs. For those in the latter category, the Dinosaur Cove series might be right up your alley.

img_7885.jpgDinosaur Cove books by Rex Stone

Two boys named Jamie and Tom are able to travel back to the time of the dinosaurs by passing through a hidden gap in the back of a cave. Their sidekick in Dino World is a ginkgo-loving wannanosaurus they have named Wanna. Jamie and Tom have exciting adventures in Dino World, exposing readers to facts about dinosaurs along the way via the boys’ Fossil Finder device. Our daughters’ favorite book of the series so far is Tracking the Diplodocus. In it Jamie and Tom have to work together to remove a branch that is stuck in between the teeth of a diplodocus in order to calm the dinosaur down.

The books are fast-paced, quick reads filled with plenty of black and white illustrations. They have little violence, even though some of the books involve carnivores searching for food. The series emphasizes teamwork, friendship, and problem solving. One drawback of the series is that the books are dominated by male characters. The two main characters are boys and the adults they live with are also male. Despite this, my daughters have enjoyed the series.

Do you have other favorite adventure books for early readers? Feel free to leave recommendations!




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