More Science-Themed Chapter Books for Early Readers: The DATA Set

I have a soft spot in my heart for books with science themes, which is why my last recommendation was the Ada Lace series by Emily Calandrelli (see post from May 2, 2018). I’d like to follow up that recommendation with another science-themed series that was well-received in our household, but very different.


The DATA Set books by Ada Hopper

This series revolves around a group of friends who are drawn together by their shared interest in science and technology. This shared interest has led others to dub them the DATA set. They have a futuristic treehouse that serves as a clubhouse as well as a place to work on their inventions and science projects. At the beginning of the series, the DATA set meets Dr. Bunsen, their friendly neighborhood mad scientist and inventor. Encounters with Dr. Bunsen lead to adventures ranging from time travel to toy animals coming to life. As the DATA set says, anytime something strange is happening, it is probably somehow related to Dr. Bunsen and one of his inventions.

The books are fast-paced and straightforward, at times even predictable. While the characterization isn’t deep, it is humorous and clear. The books are filled with illustrations and use a large font, making them quick reads. I appreciate how the series emphasizes teamwork and maintains a gender balance among the characters. While the books are light on actual scientific concepts compared to the Magic School Bus series or the Ada Lace series, the DATA Set series does serve to make science exciting and intriguing. These books have gone a long way toward stimulating creative thinking in our household.

Although we all enjoyed both sets of books, I think that the Ada Lace series is better suited for slightly older readers due to the depth of scientific explanations, slightly more advanced vocabulary, and emotional drama. Younger readers might prefer the fast-paced action and straightforward nature of the DATA Set series.

Have you enjoyed any science-themed books for early readers lately? Please feel free to leave recommendations!


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